Another reason to travel to Mexico

What do you associate Mexico with? Tortillas, carnivals and sombreros? It may seem strange, but for me it’s the cradle of art. All because my favorite painter resides in this country. Leonid Afremov is an impressionistic artist whose oil canvases fascinate millions of people. Leonid depicts nature, still lifes, portraits, animals and cityscapes. But I dare bet you won’t find his works in galleries because he sells them only via Internet. Afremov’s sons helped him to create his own website and continue to promote their family business. 5 things that I like about the site are:

  1. Its simple design which doesn’t distract me as a user from the content.
  2. Its clear structure: there’s a list of genre choices to the left, a menu on top and the canvases placed in the centre of the site.
  3. Any person is able to discover the gallery. You don’t have to fill in any registration forms if you don’t want to.
  4. There are no annoying ads here!
  5. The site provides you with enough information about the painter and conditions of purchase.

As a result, I feel comfortable surfing Leonid’s virtual gallery. It inspires me with confidence. Do you know why I’m so sure that Afremov doesn’t sell fake pieces of art? Because my best friend has bought one of them and it became her favorite topic for discussion. I’m not the envious type but Nancy’s boasting starts driving me crazy! The canvas she bought portrays a girl, who is strolling barefoot in an autumn park. It’s still warm, though the foliage on the trees has changed its colors into golden, orange and crimson. The beautiful landscape surrounding the girl reminds of a magic forest from a fairy-tale. That’s why Nancy calls the picture ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


Leonid Afremov prefers a vivid palette for his works – this is the artist’s distinguishing feature. Applying brushstrokes of different sizes and colors, he creates the atmosphere of eternal joy. If I were a child, I’d ask my parents to buy me a painting by Leonid. Looking at it, I’d let my imagination run away with me! If I were an old lady, I’d purchase this wonderful artist’s cityscape to recall the place I’ve been to in my youth. But since I’m 30 and not married yet, I want to choose something romantic. Ha, this time I’ll make Nancy fall silent and listen to my speech! Can’t wait to surprise her!







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